Business security is vital to protect your lively hood. We offer affordable measures you can take to improve your business security.

The basic system includes:

  • Honeywell or DSC Control panel
  • 1 Key pad
  • Motion detector
  • Interior siren
  • All pre-wired openings windows
  • All your 3-4 doors
  • Panic/Ambush feature
  • Power battery backup
  • Window decals & yard signs
  • A lifetime basic system maintenance included
  • Possible discount on your Business insurance

Keyless Access System that Provides Employee Safety

If you qualify we will design, install and maintain a keyless access system that provides employee safety while shielding business owners from internal and external losses. Access systems also reduce the time and costs involved with re-keying traditional door locks.

In every access control system, entries and exits are allowed by entering a code, swiping a magnetically striped card through a reader, or passing a badge near a proximity reader whether it’s one door for small businesses or large multi-site facilities. Activity is electronically recorded by a standalone program, via PC or integrated on your network.

Manage and Monitor Doors

In addition, we can monitor your card access system from our Monitoring Station, eliminating the need for expensive on-site equipment and the personnel need to administer changes and maintenance.

  • Managed Access Control
  • Protect Your Facilities—On Your Terms
  • Add or Remove Cardholders

You can add or remove a cardholder from your system instantly. All actions are real-time, so there’s no need to wait for the system to refresh to see updates. You control your data.

Get monitored 24/7 by a nation-wide company starting from $29.95/monthly.

We will install and activate your BASIC alarm security system for FREE if you qualify.

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